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How Nice Was Easter?

No clever words. Just many thanks to Susan Knipe and everyone who helped put together our wonderful Easter service at the lovely Mynelle Gardens.   Also, thanks to Natalie for picking Lumpkins BBQ as our Lunch Bunch spot this week.  I’m a little sad I didn’t know about that place before, but I’m glad I know about it now.  Those of you who already knew of Lumpkins’  greatness should just think of me the way I think of those people who are  just finding out about Lost: too bad you missed out on the beginning, but get ready(especially since I was already full by the time they brought out the peach cobbler today) to do some serious revisiting.


Comments on: "How Nice Was Easter?" (3)

  1. WAAAA !!!! I was not even informed that a group was going to Lumpkins! I ate lunch alone at Sal and Mookeys–Korey and I talked after the service and I said I was gonna get me an ice cream cone. Korey said I deserved something better–the ice cream at Sal and Mookeys. He was right! A bowl of soup, a marguerita, and a HUGE Carmel Banana Crunch (two scoops). It was heaven. Sorry I missed the gang!

  2. I *know* that you were standing there at one point when we were talking about Lumpkins this morning!! You just blocked us out! But wait — I don’t remember seeing Korey there at all today. Are you sure you haven’t traveled into some kind of time warp and are perhaps talking about the past or the future??

  3. Time warp! Actually Korey did show up-about 11:00. We talked for a while about what he was doing. SOOOO-there really was a Korey…or….maybe H A R V E Y ???

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