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Soapbox Sunday

So, what is the word on Soapbox Sunday? Was it filled with lots of exciting commentary?

I had an obligation to attend the Episcopal Church in Newton MS this morning. There are times I have to support the religion of my partner. Their congregation sits at about 5–yes, I said 5! Today, with Freeman and myself, there were a total of five.

The dogma, of course, I just had to overlook, but a pause to have quiet time and a full service of prayer was nice.

Episcopals in Newton are not numerous–mainly Pentacostals, Charismatics, and Baptists (with a smathering of hidden atheists, non-churched, etc).

I would have loved the Soapbox Sunday–sorry to have missed it.


Comments on: "Soapbox Sunday" (2)

  1. nataliemaynor said:

    It was a big success — lots of people talking about lots of interesting subjects. And an especially large group went to lunch at Lumpkins afterwards.

  2. davidhoskins said:

    Soapbox Sunday was great! It was my first one and every time I thought of something I could rant about, someone else beat me to the the punch. We covered arrogant bosses, SUVs, small progressive towns in New England, philosophy jokes,ignorance and something called lasagna gardening. We also used the job assignment tags that the RE kids made, which worked out pretty well. Lunch was at Lumpkins which, as far as I’m concerned, could be our spot for all the holiday Sundays. Good times!

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