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February 23, 1975 newsletter of the Unitarian-Universalist church of Jackson:

Intentional Community” Group Forms

As an outgrowth of interest expressed by several individuals at church, a group has formed which has goals of commitment, care and concern for each other, and who hope to go beyond everyday superficial relationships with honesty and sharing of varied experiences.

The group is calling itself an “intentional community” (extended family) and considers itself as a pilot for other groups which might want to form around similar goals. This group is set up to last 10 weeks and as time goes by it will be willing to share its experiences with others.

Newsletter from March 16, 1975

“The Intentional Community group (otherwise called extended family, family cluster, etc.) is progressing well through its third consecutive Saturday meeting. Members sharing leadership and decision making, and the group is limiting itself to the 12 adults (plus children), participating to allow development of better trust and sharing. (So this is why no “name to call”

is listed here). Activities have included a group-prepared meal, volleyball, and planned rap sessions, and will soon include a weekend campout.

If anyone is interested in exploring the idea of another extended family group soon, call Jonnie Noble (362-6122).

Recollections from Rev. Gordon Gibson, minister of UUCJ in 1975 and participant in the “Intentional Community” in a October 23, 2009 email.

My first thought was, “Huh?  Did something like that ever happen?”  Thinking further, I do remember the effort.  One might say that it was superficial — more “intentional potluck” as I recall than “intentional community” — but like all such things it may have had more impact on some participants than was readily apparent.

I think that we gathered in the homes of various participants for meal and discussion.  I dimly recall that I suggested that we might learn far more if we took on some social witness project rather than just do a discussion/discussion/discussion approach, but there was never any project that we could agree on.

I don’t recall who was involved.  Judy and I took part.  I think Larry and Mary Knight (who may still be in the Jackson area but long ago dropped out) were part of it.  It would have been David Noble rather than Jon (Jon being then in elementary school, but now teaching Chinese language at Notre Dame), but I don’t clearly recall them as being involved.

We may have met every week, but it could as well have been less frequent.  I don’t recall if there was a written resource we consulted.

Later that month, Reverend Gibson wrote about the March 16, 1975 newsletter selection:

That would have been Jannie (pronounced Yannie) Noble, who has now returned to the more formal Johanna.  She and her husband David were members in that era.  They now live in northern Virginia.  If you want to check with them to see if their memories are in any way clearer than mine, you might try the e-mail jdnoble@bellatlantic.net, which is the most recent I have for them.



  1. nataliemaynor said:

    What are the chances of having some of the church history that was presented today added either here or to the website?

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