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Comings and Goings

In the Tapestry of Faith “Creating Home” curriculum for young children, there is a session called “Comings and Goings” which has the goal of teaching children that the love our families hold for us at home is always there for us, even when we are not present. What a beautiful message to teach! This past Sunday we experienced some comings and goings in our own spiritual family. We are all sad to see Klare Lane go, but we wish her well on her new adventure in the sun and sand of Florida! We also welcomed three new Stepping Stones members:  Deirdra Harris Glover, Heather Bradley, and Diane Kerr! We’re thrilled to welcome them to the family of UUCJ and are excited about their passion for starting a new CUUPS (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) here in Jackson! We’ll all have an opportunity to learn a little more about the CUUPS chapter later this month when they will lead a special Summer Solstice celebration (June 23rd) at UUCJ.

Speaking of goings…

As we enter the summer months, many of us are heading off on summer vacations. Several members, including Dary, will be away this Sunday, and I will be attending the President’s Convocation in Dallas. (Unfortunately, we’ll be missing a great Sunday experience led by Jim! Hope you are there to enjoy it, though!) I want to remind everyone who is heading off on a trip this summer to remember to bring back some water for our water communion service in the fall. Safe journeys to all, even if the only trip you will take this year is a spiritual one!


Joy, peace, and love,



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