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So much to do…

Some days, as the saying goes, it never rains but it pours. For me, this week is shaping up to be one where all of my various responsibilities are piling up and the weight of the obligations have me stumbling in my efforts to maintain  balance. Multiple items on my ‘to do’ list seem to scream at me, demanding my attention all at once. As my head reels, it is hard not to be completely overwhelmed —and just spin in circles, getting nothing done. However, I must remind myself to breathe and remain calm, to consider the situation so I can be strategic, to begin with one task and focus, doing what I can do, with honesty and resolve, and then to move forward.

This lesson from the trials of day-to-day life provide a game plan when facing the bigger questions, such as those posed by Rev. Peter Morales, “What will our religious faith demand of us in the coming months and years? What are the implications of our affirming the inherent worth and dignity of every person? What does it mean today to affirm compassion and justice? What does our recognition of the interdependent web of all existence call us to do?” The historic decisions from the Supreme Court and the calls for addressing climate change by the President this week highlight the enormous amount of work still ahead for promoting justice in our world, honoring the dignity of individuals and the interdependence of all. We must remain calm. We must be strategic. We must move forward with honesty and resolve.  We liberal religious folk have much work to do!

So as Rev. Morales has charged us to do, “Let us be people of faith who show another way. Let us show, by our lived example, that we have nothing to fear. Let us show that life lived in love, in community, committed to compassion, peace and sustainability, and that embraces learning and diversity, are rich and joyful. Let us continue to reach out across the walls that divide us. Love will guide us. Be not afraid.

Joy, peace, and love,


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