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Many Hands

Many hands working together can push a stalled car out of traffic,
pull someone from a cliff to safety or get sand bags in place before the waters rise.
But sometimes all we need is hand piled on hand,
an expression of solidarity so that we know we are not alone.

If winter is the time for solitude and reflection, summer is the time for coming together for action! There are so many opportunities to reach out and do meaningful work together in our church community and in our larger community. We can get a crew together to work on rejuvenating the memorial garden area between our buildings, trimming hedges, refinishing the deck, and making beautiful signs for the plantings honoring our extended community no longer with us. We can get a group to work on promoting reproductive justice in our community, providing comprehensive sexuality education for all ages, providing safe escorts to women seeking services, and undertaking an advocacy campaign of writing editorials in our newspapers, canvassing our neighborhoods, and lobbying our representatives. We can clean, build, collect, donate, feed, clothe, write, play, lead and more…and we should!

However, I have one special opportunity I would like to share. I would like to get a group together of people who can make a phone call. Nothing spectacular. Nothing all that difficult. Nothing that requires any special skills. I’m looking for people who are capable and willing to meet together and call our members and friends. No, I’m not talking about asking people to give money (although as a charitable organization we are dependent upon monetary gifts) or to volunteer for a job (although we have plenty of those to go around as well). Just a monthly phone call to say, “Hi! I’m glad you’re a part of my church community. I’m just calling to see how you are. How are things going? Anything new? Anything you want to share or talk about?”

Sometimes we have so much going on in our lives that we forget that the most important things in life are not things. We forget how much we long to connect—one human being to another—to know that we are not alone in the struggles of life. How important that one moment of sharing and caring can be to give all of us, the caller or the receiver, the strength to get back up and face the day anew!

So, how will you offer your hand in help or solidarity today?  Well, I will call someone for absolutely no reason at all—for the very best reason in the world! Those who would like to join in, meet me at UUCJ on Tuesday, July 16th, at 6:30. We’ll have pizza and drinks and call a few friends!

Joy, peace, and love,


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