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A good vacation is over when you begin to yearn for your work.
—Morris Fishbein

This past Sunday, I sat with my husband eating a wood-fired pizza at a sidewalk café while enjoying a glass of red wine and reflecting on the past few days of a pleasant vacation. As I drained my glass, my thoughts began to turn toward home and all of the responsibilities that awaited my return. That’s when the transition began to happen. After I smiled away the idea of selling all of my belongings and moving into the hotel I had technically not yet left, I began thinking of taxis, airplanes, and a car ride back to my life.

We arrived late in the evening, gathered our luggage and trod to our car abandoned over a week earlier in the parking garage. As we stood bags in hand in the muggy August evening air and stared at the very flat tire, I thought, well that’s kinda how people feel when returning from a vacation. After a thorough search that led to the discovery of long missed paperwork, gadgets, and a few small strangely shriveled things I’m pretty sure used to be food, we determined that the attendant who had recently rotated our tires had failed to return our locking lugnut. Now, I knew we were in for a treat. Eighty dollars and one rental car later, which required a wait for security to remove the angry cursing man in line ahead of us, we headed home to finally sleep in our own bed.

I’m not sure that one time zone can produce jet lag but apparently several days off can lead to a workday spent in a fog trying to catch up to all the swirl of activity of a busy office gearing up for the start of school. I was glad to finally make it to Tuesday where, with a much clearer head, I was able to remember at least half of the things I needed to do. Happily, I resumed my new Tuesday evening activity of heading to UUCJ to call members, friends, and visitors to chat, or at least leave some halting, weird voice mail attempting to talk to a machine convincingly conveying our genuine delight of each person that is a part of our community. It was there, in the office, in the midst of jumbled papers, books, and random tools scattered during the office renovation that I found my happiness in being a part of this community and excitement about the coming year. Like many children and youth in our community, my vacation, fondly remembered, was over and a new year was about to begin.

As your summer vacations come to an end and you take up your place again in the regular rhythms of life, remember there is much more justice to promote in our communities near and far, diversity to discover and welcome, and love to share through service in the coming year. Let us join together in our great work of this new church year!

Joy, peace, and love,


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