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WE are the instruments of the Good that abounds.
—Judith L. Quarles

Today, I read the news. I even read many of the comments posted under the news stories. It is enough to break your heart and dissolve your hope for a world community of peace, liberty, and justice for everyone. Let me clarify; for the past week I have been quite busy trying to get all the last minute jobs done at work, at home, at UUCJ. I have gone days without reading the news, that is, until today. There were stories of racial hatred and murder, physical and mental suffering, torture and destruction, instances of individuals committing suicide and seemingly whole communities at war with themselves, engaging in what can be described as a mass suicide. The enormity of pain and suffering in the world can be overwhelming and that’s not even eating considering the seemingly endless stream of vile hatred that fills the comments section of any story…even the positive ones.

Today, I also read a meditation by Judith L. Quarles titled “For we are in need.” Indeed we are! As she noted, we are in need of strength and courage, of comfort and encouragement, and of cheerleading and shouting to get us moving. She noted that the Spirit of encouragement, comfort and love, is within ourselves. She noted that WE are the instruments of the Good that abounds.

If all of the good in the world was dependent upon us to create, how much joy, and peace, and love did we create today? Despite the items recorded in the newspapers and the images flashed across the world via the internet, we must realize they are told because they are the anomalies. They are not the main theme of what happened today. Instead, today people cared for one another. They helped others known and unknown to them. They made friends and meaningful change. Today people worked to build the Beloved Community of peace and freedom and justice.

I hope you got to be a part of that today. I hope that you got to add another voice of compassion, a mind of reason, a hand of help to the world today. If not, there is always tomorrow. As Anne of Green Gables would say, “Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.” Let us pledge to live up to our potential of being an instrument of good. We have so much goodness inside of us! Let us pledge to let that good abound in our world! May it be so!

Joy, peace, and love,


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