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I wrote a nice post today. I used all the right words, I made all the platitudes, I sent my apologies, used all the neutral PC language and posted it. I didn’t link it to facebook because I wanted to get feedback before I let it go public. As the evening went on, I became more and more unhappy with the post. In fact, when I reread the post there was only one line that I thought was appropriate.

“The attack on the worshipers at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) violates every principle of Unitarian Universalism.”

The problem is I don’t know what else to say. I want to apologize for the media that worked to call this anything but what it was, I want to apologize for the politicians turning this into a side show, I want to apologize for all the white people who don’t see white privilege… and most of all I want to apologize for the system that I live in that make racially based acts of terror and violence against human beings okay. But apologies are easy, and they just don’t seem appropriate, at least they don’t change anything.

We send our love to Emmanuel AME Church…



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