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Planning MeetingAt 9:00 am on Saturday, November 14th, the Ministry Council, Ministry Team members, and UUCJ members and friends will come together to plan the 2016 Church Calendar. This annual meeting is critical for having high-quality programs and events that help us dig deeper and offer rich, meaningful experiences for members, friends, and the larger community.

Here are a few questions and answers for those interested in attending:


What’s the purpose of the annual planning meeting?

  • The Ministry Council meets to layout a general plan for the entire year.
  • We’ll map out a rough plan for the liturgical year with a variety of types of forums and services, religious education offerings, and integrated social justice activities.
  • We’ll map out a rough plan for social events, fundraising events, buildings and grounds work days, etc. that supports the life and vitality of the congregation.
  • We’ll identify opportunities for volunteers to coordinate and support the events and activities for the coming year.

Who is involved in the annual planning meeting?

  • The President-Elect and Minister
  • Appointed Co-Chairs of all the Ministry Teams
  • Additional Ministry Team members
  • Any member or friend from the larger congregation who would like to participate

What will happen DURING the Annual Planning meeting?

  • We’ll begin with opening words and a check-in.
  • We’ll review the purpose of the meeting and explain the procedures to be used.
  • We’ll begin planning and assign coordinators for services and events — all while having a ton of fun!
  • We’ll record the plan and make sure to share a copy with the congregation.
  • We’ll end with a check-out and celebration of our joint work, a potluck to nourish our bodies, and fellowship to nourish our souls!

What do participants need to consider to have the right approach at the Annual Planning meeting?

  • Keep perspective. We need to consider the needs of all members and friends of the congregation as well as the larger community. We’re plan not only for the people who currently attend but also for the people who will join us in the future.
  • Be open. We’ll be brainstorming together and considering lots of ideas! We’ll look for opportunities for synergy within and outside of the congregation. The annual planning meeting has a creative and collaborative atmosphere.
  • Be flexible. The annual plan will not be set in stone. It is always subject to change at subsequent meetings based on world events, personal concerns, and the needs of the congregation. The annual plan is a framework–not a straightjacket.
  • Love and cherish one another. We plan together in love to encourage the best in ourselves and in others. We appreciate all of the work that people do to support UUCJ and the love they share with one another.
  • Have fun! Everyone is encouraged to have a “YES to Life!” attitude!

Don’t forget: Please bring your ideas, your passion, and a dish to share!

Adapted from a presentation from the UU Fellowship of Athens, GA


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