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About UUCJ

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Jackson has been serving Jackson MS and the State of Mississippi from 1951.  At UUCJ, we resolve to be:

  • a religious community, welcoming diversity and respecting human beings and our environment;
  • a church of faith and reason, nurturing the life journeys of those who join their strength to ours;
  • a progressive fellowship, promoting justice, and cultivating religious freedom;
  • a caring neighbor, invigorating the greater Jackson community while renewing ourselves from within.

Our current Board of Trustees are:

President – Stacy Callender
VP of Membership – To Be Appointed
VP of Programs – Ann Maclaine
VP of Religious Education – To Be Appointed
VP of Buildings & Grounds – To Be Appointed
VP of Communications – Jim Becker
Secretary – Stacy DeZutter
Treasurer – Lisa Dunn
Trustee – Patricia Ice

To contact the Board of Trustees, please complete the following:


Comments on: "About UUCJ" (1)

  1. Amy Griggs said:

    On Forgetting the Bleach (this is a poem)

    Every day I drive down Lakeland

    And my tires pass over what can only

    Be described as a large splatter of blood

    No, not a splatter, bigger than a splatter

    A Spill of blood

    Like from an overturned tanker

    A splatter-spill of blood

    A deer? I wonder,

    For is it not a lot of blood?

    Or a human

    Or a human who hit a deer

    Someone did not survive

    Someone is just a stain, a spill splatter stain

    It has been there for weeks

    And every day I think

    I should pour bleach out the window

    Let the entirety of lifelessness pass on

    How many days would that take?

    How many bottles of bleach?

    But I forget.

    Before the next traffic light, I forget.

    It is just red paint on black asphalt

    Until tomorrow, when I will wonder

    Who has left a piece behind


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