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I May Not Get There With You

I offered a prayer for the city, state, and country at the Black Legislator’s Martin Luther King Jr. Prayer breakfast. It was a wonderful event, there was singing, dancing, and lots of talking. But what struck me the most was the air of celebration and contemplation interacting through a subtle dance of words and gestures. After my short two minute prayer I returned to my seat, hands shaking from the experience. An experience that I did not expect to be as emotional as it was.

I drove home from the prayer breakfast listening to Dr. King’s last speech in Memphis Tennessee, and because of my experience at the prayer breakfast the words became more to me, in fact I drove home in tears repeating the phrase, “Though I may not make it there with you.”

I may try to recapture that emotion in a later blog or sermon but I make no promises. In stead, I post the words of my prayer. If at anytime you read this prayer and the syntax doesn’t make sense, just imagine the words in my voice.


Spirit of life,

Thank you, thank you for blessing us in days of distress. Thank you for loving us, when we cannot love ourselves, and thank you for giving us this holy opportunity to work in this world to bring peace and love to those who surround us.

We ask today that you bless this land in which we live, that you open your heart and hands, that you reach down to touch Jackson Mississippi, our home.

We struggle here, we fight what feels like an uphill battle but we know that you have not forsaken us, you have not forgotten us. We know that daily you bless this place, that you rain your love upon Jackson, Mississippi. We ask that you anoint us to work, and that you anoint Jackson and the leadership. Especially because of the special place that Jackson holds in Mississippi. There is a lot done in this city that would benefit from your touch. And help our city to become a light, a beacon for this state.

And for the state of Mississippi we ask your blessings. For the leadership not just in our little burgh but also for the towns and cities on all the highways and bi-ways. That your holy spirit flows to all the homes and empowers us all to justice, peace, and equity. Help us to build a Mississippi that can lead this country, a Mississippi that can breathe love into this world.

And for this land, so beautiful for the United States of America, we ask your forgiveness for our past sins, and we ask that you work with us, to not just right our wrongs, but to build a better place, a holy place. Help us to be the light to the world, to once again become leaders in our world community. So that we rest always in faith, hope, and love, and truly know the greatest of these things.



                                                                                                                                                    – Justin